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How to use my own generated Deep Zoom Images

Oct 14, 2013 at 4:02 PM

I've successfully used the sample in my WPF project, and I can display properly the MultiScaleImage using source ""

But when I'm creating my own objects using Deep Zoom Composer and just keep the dzc_output.xml file and the dzc_output_files folder (as i'm doing in Silverlight, and it is working), or even if i add the dzc_output_images folder or other xml files generated by Deep Zoom Composer, I have an error in Visual Studio, telling that 'Fail to create 'Source' from text ...'

Maybe I can't use local address (i'm using Source="file:\\C:\Source\HDDZ\1\dzc_output.xml") ?
Apparently no, because I've tried to put all files on a remote server and change the Source by Source=""..

So maybe Deep Zoom Composer is not generating the good files to use with WPF (mine is xml, the one is the sample is dzi, but i've red that dzi is an xml file, and my sample is working using Silverlight..), or there are special settings to set in Deep Zoom Composer ? Single file maybe ... ?

Thank you so much for your help !! I running out of ideas ..